What do I know about passion? What does twenty two years old graduate girl know about passion?

Yeah, I know. And I am not going to talk big or talk like I-know-it-all person. Believe me, I am just going to write what I know and what I feel. Feel free to close your window desktop right now or I would feel bad for you to have a reason to puke.

I had a conversation with my friend. We talked a lot. We hit the topic about passion and it sort of reminded me that I did have passion. I still do have passion. Passion is something you are passionate about, something you are eager to do, something that you are willing to sacrifice. That, definition of passion for me. It is like the fuel to your vehicle, what makes you move, what makes you step forward. But somehow, at any times, passion is overrated.

My biggest passion is writing, aside of reading. Writing makes me feel various of feelings like I defined above. Thought that I already published a novel meant that I pursued my passion. Wrong. And right. It was wrong when people thought that writing a book and having your name on your book on bookstores meant it’s my passion. It was right because I wrote that. Yes, passion for me is simply because I could write. No matter how many books I’ve sold, no matter how much royalty I’ve got. The published novel and royalty were bonus.

So when people wondering that my educational background or my working experience didn’t match with my passion, who cares? Passion and work or passion and education are not something must get along well. That being said, I feel pretty lucky because I still need to learn many things and I still have many experiences waiting to happen.

Passion doesn’t have expired date. But, passion does have activation date. Sometimes, I felt lost and forgot that I did have passion. Like today, when my friend and I had a conversation, it kind of activated my passion. It felt like you opened your treasure box and rummaged through things inside, and one by one you rekindled feelings that you ever felt before. That feeling.

Passion is not everything. Passion is not a god to worship. But it is something. Something I need to step forward. I want to step forward because lately I felt like I was just standing and waiting for something I was not sure. Thought that I have to take a leap of faith. If not now, when would I?


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