This was our last performance in MBAKMI Universitas Bakrie since next year we will be (some of us were already, though) graduate and could not participate in any events. As Purna HMM 2010/2011, we proudly presented MAXIMAX. In such busiest times we were, most of us still in internship period, night lecture, and so on, we were so happy to do this. We presented this for us ourselves, our batch 2009, and all audience. What we aim was not a fame, was  not a reward. Neither. We aimed for our happiness in togetherness. It was such an honor to perform in the stage with you all, nothing more, nothing less. Realizing that we’re going to graduate soon, that sentimental bastard comes in mind, and it concludes a thing; it was such a pleasure to go through my college life with awesome guys I called a family. Wish you tons of luck and success ♥♥♥


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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