Last Sport Championship

This morning GOR Soemantri was crowded with blue group, yes, that was us! Management 2009 😀 We attended our last sport championship for traditional games (since we are in our last year of college), PLASMA Universitas Bakrie 2013. It was such a fun. Gathering with friends who were rare to meet and had a chance to play games together.

I was appointed myself to be one of athletes in Lompat Tali field, what you call it, rope jumping (?) with six others. Waw, I gotta say that it was so so so tiring. Well, good exercise since this body is hiatus from any other sports. I will not talk too much in this post, will post you the pictures though. But it was such a fun, really. And we got lot of medals in some sport field!  I could not be there till the event drop because I need to go to church. Still, it was fun till my voice becomes hoarse I shouted too excited then. Thank you again guys, for having this together. And thank you God, for letting me have this. Stay healthy all of you 



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