Wasn’t Kidnapped

I was not kidnapped. Trust me.

I can not believe I could not even make some time to write here. Yeah, I am sorry for myself. I still owe you some posts; MAXIMAX’s performance in last December and things that had happened.

To begin with, I think I am too immersed in things around. Got unemployed (my internship ended exactly Nov 30) in January but still struggled with my seventh semester. Then new offering internship came, I was tempted. I needed to save some money from internship salary. So, I decided to work for 3 months more then getting serious with my last assignment.

In my new office, things seem more real. I mean, this is what the real work life is. Much different from previous office I have worked where I could be as easy as I want, there was no deadline I need to catch up, no meeting or occasion I need to be there. I feel so much involved in my new office, and I like it. Though at first I was so scared that I might be no help, but days and weeks gone by, I started to like my existence and my contribution. Two weeks left in my internship period (I should be happy I could jump high), but a little deep in my heart, I feel sad. Okay, though I mutter when I need to wake up so much early in weekday, but my life pace seems organized, I am Taurus, darling, I prefer steady life. But there will be always a “goodbye” in every “hello”.

Oh right. In February, me and my other seven mates, Peduders, went to a trip. Jogja. Where else we can get a cheap escape for backpacker? I think if I have to tell you the details, man, you need to scroll this post endless. I will not scare away my reader, will I? 😀 So my dear friend, Mayang Alfina, already posted half our trip on her blog, you can click here and here. I will post the other story later. But do not believe all what she wrote, kay? Hehe.

Ah one thing, my last assignment. Well, things went super slow and made me agitated. For some reason, it made me annoyed and a bit scared whether I will get my bachelor this semester. Me become worrywart. But I promise myself, after this internship end, I will dedicate myself only for my dearest last assignment, S. To be engaged to S means I have to spare my time as I committed each day. Again, Taurus is someone with word. Don’t preach us how to commit, we will show you.

Uh well, am I boring you? This is going to the end of my post. I hope things going well with you all. Please stay healthy and be happy with what you are, what you have, and what you love. ♥


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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