naughty, slipped, then fell down

It was the second time I went to LG service center at Pacific Place. The same reason why I went there for the first time. Stupid, I know. But somehow you just couldn’t bear yourself in curiosity. Lot of my friends just shook their head when knowing I foolishly played with my phone. Yeah, I admit it was me the naughty one. Will be more careful in the future.

After repairing my phone, me and Bonita went to Korean Cultural Center Indonesia to register membership. When we were already in front of the building, I slipped, tumbled few times, then, safe. Yes, safely landed on the road. If someone asked me when was my most embarrassing moment, I’d say, that was the one! I felt sorry for Bonita for being with me actually. Sorry that you were with me in that embarrassing moment 😦 And thank you for the wet tissue 😀

Registering membership is done, it’s fortunately we could see art exhibition which KCCI held. Picture speaks more. So I’ll just post the pics below. Enjoy 🙂

CAM00081 CAM00077 CAM00075 CAM00074 CAM00071 CAM00044 CAM00032 CAM00028 CAM00001CAM00096

I love the one I pictured with. It felt so peaceful when I see it. Looking three cute kids and laughed so freely, it kinda rang the bell 🙂

Oh, holiday is coming so soon. If it’s not today, I’ll come home tomorrow morning. Should pack some clothes, now. Catch you later with MAXIMAX post or Christmas and New Year holiday. Be safe you all and… love the one you dear as long as you can 


4 thoughts on “naughty, slipped, then fell down

  1. I don’t feel ashamed at all, 😉
    To be honest, I am sorry..
    to witness – as you say- your most embarrassing moment, you must want to be alone when it happened, so none will see it.. =)

    • Really, it’s fortunate that I was with you. The important thing that I was sorry is, it’s far away like any movie right? No handsome guy got off from the luxury car and help me out. Hahahahaha.

  2. well, for some reason it’s fortunate..
    cause what if there is a handsome guy got off from the car and asking for my condition instead of yours? you’ll be more embarrassed won’t you? haha
    my bad, =P

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