early christmas gift :)

December is Christmas. That’s what I’ve always thought if we’re talking about December. Oh, and snow! Yeah, unfortunately Indonesia is gorgeously tropical country, so, yeah, gotta wait some time till I migrate to South Korea or London with my own money or a bit of luck. Hope so.

Recently, my internship period is over. Yeah, being unemployed is fun. If it’s without severe cold and cough. After my internship period was over, I got cold and cough. It was not a big deal actually, but I guess the older I am, the weaker my immunity becomes. True that starting my internship period, my immunity became ugly, I felt so weak and so much like a granny. It needed more than a week to get better from cold, and this time (yeah, at this time I’m typing this post) my cough getting worse. Oh right, put aside this topic. It just reminds me that I’m getting weaker and older.

While the internship period is over, I strove for four months at Legal Department, taking care those freaking bunch of documents and deeds, I just want to move on. I’m starting to think about my last assignment. Final exam is coming soon and I just submitted the topic and the faculty last week. Hope I’ll get the name at longest the end of December, sooner will be better, and it’ll be a great Christmas gift. 😀

Talking about Christmas gift, I’ve got one today! Hooray! I thank you from the deepest heart, Agan Funho a.k.a funrecord a.k.a Agan Wino (this is my first calling you this :p), thanks a bunch for making me a beautiful font, and you named it Ragatnia Clara. Seriously, it was just a joke and you made it after all. It’s such an honor for me that you used my name for that beautiful font. You guys can click the picture below for further creativity that a good friend of mine has made, don’t be surprised, I know he’s such a talent 😀

ragatnia clara font

The font was made about a week ago, and what I’ve got today is the product of it. That’s why I call it, the early Christmas gift. He sent me this lovely gift. It’s not the model that I see, it’s not the price that I can measure, above of all, it’s the meaning behind the gift that I treasure. Thank you so much Agan Funho, ups, Agan Wino for giving me this early Christmas gift. It’s pink! I like it very muuuuch 😀


Can’t wait for another Christmas gift 😛 Oh by the way, this Saturday will be  huge! Me and other purna HMM 2010/2011 will perform as MAXIMAX in Mbakmi. Count down the days left. Will post our preformance later 🙂

Well, it’s December and already reaching the end of 2012. Be healthy and be safe, you all. Keep close the one you love 


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