a sudden getaway

My grandfather passed away last Thursday. Due to this reason, I got a week permission not to come to work. When I told some of my friends that I was going to Medan and even one of them called me, worrying about me, I laughed. Okay, I was not laughing about my grandfather, what I meant is…that I am not that close. Yeah, I love him because he’s the father of my father. But he went through eighty years and had such a life, I guess to choose not crying is not my fault or sign that I am such a cold jerk that have no tears to drop. Trust me, I am crybaby. It’s just my choice not to cry on things that you shouldn’t have cried.

For a whole week, I got my own getaway. I enjoy it very much 😀 Keeping close to your family, experiencing new things, laughing together…such things like these are priceless. I thank God for letting me had these kind of moments 🙂

Okay, I really want to share when I was in Medan and needed to go through 6-hours-trip to my Dad’s hometown. Yeah, imagine it. It has to be surprised if I am not losing 1 or 2 kilos 😛 I think I need more hours to write the whole thing in there, so I’ll save that story later. But I’ll give the preview 🙂

I posted on my Path a pic of me and my brother. Yeah, I posted it here too. I got another get-along-pic again 😀 So I planned this long before, I bought 50% discount voucher Gardenice Skating Rink at PVJ. I asked my brother and told him it’s my treat. Then yesterday, we did it! Yay, it’s my second time skating on ice rink. My first time was when I was in high school. It needed 2 hours to skate without fear and steady back then. So I just hope that I do remember how to skate, the fact that it’s my brother’s first time. Flesh remembers. I skated well. No falling or another embarrassing thing happened.

There were two moments I told my best friend on ice rink, she told me that it’s disgusting and if I want to write a novel, then do on my own. Got what I mean? No? Let me tell you, but please no throwing up, ‘kay?

  • When I just skated on ice rink, I sat on the edge rink to fix the tie. Then here he came. The Ice Guard offered himself to tie my shoes. He asked me to stand up, but it was pretty difficult for me so I just sat still. After he tied up, he offered his hands to help me stand but I refused. Hahaha. It’s pretty too sinetron-ish, isn’t it?
  • I was being called by stranger when one little kid was being taught by the Coach, skating towards me. I lost my balance and I just grabbed the Coach’s hand who’s near to me and he held me back. If it’s sinetron, yes, it would be a romantic moment. Okay, don’t throw up.

Oh, and it’s refreshing seeing my brother fell. It’s priceless. But it’s a pity that brother’s foot was swollen, so we only played for one and half hour. Here’s our pic 😀


I will enjoy this sudden getaway to the fullest 😀 Be safe and be healthy, all of you and… love the one you have ♥


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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