feels like ages

I did this on purpose for Bonita’s privacy’s sake :p

The same feeling like Bonita feels, YES, I do truly miss you all. Wake up so much early, go to office, work my ass until my neck and shoulder get stiffed, go home late, or force my legs to walk towards campus, try so hard to keep my eyes open in class, get tired and so worn-out, throw myself on bed and get sleep but insomnia sometimes has a different intention. Yep, I lost time to get-together with you, Peduders.

I bet you remember how loud we were last night, laughed so hard until it hurt. 😀 Forgive me for being tardy. I know how much you miss me. I know. But, if Mayang didn’t need to get to work in the morning, I guess we would have spent our night together. Imagine, eight girls in one room! Never been better 😀 However, chatting-sharing-laughing-bullying-and-mocking(?) with you girls until 2 AM was worth.

Somehow what Fenny said last night caught me up. I was so hyperactive, wasn’t I? Sugar was not on blame. I admitted that I talked too much, laughed so hard, and even made a harsh joke (may be). Sorry. You all know my true color, don’t you? It’s because I suddenly got spirited since our last get-together.

And of course, I miss bullying Fenny. Hahahaha. And I know, all of you DO miss bullying her, right? 😀 Fen, like proverb says, “orang sabar, dibully orang”. To make sure that I love you as a friend, as a friend loh ya, don’t try to expect more *ROFL*, I will post our pic when you turned 21. 

Looking forward to our next get-together! Next time won’t be late 😀 And make sure next time we will hold the Ospek Pedurenan for the newcomer, Letis. Don’t forget to tell our president Boti, Boss Uti 🙂 Oh wait, it’s my job as vice president 😀 See you super-duper ultra soon! Kiss hug 


3 thoughts on “feels like ages

  1. ehm! Rather than editing my photo, it’s better if you don’t post my tweet at all.. No need to.. You can express your feeling without mine as another proof.. =P

  2. Hahhahahhaaa… Sorry.. Sorry…
    But I thought u little different that time… Hheheheh…
    Thank you lalaaa… (ˆ⌣ˆ ♥)

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