reckless, foolish, and curious

In between. Among those three words above, I’m in between. I feel terribly foolish. I tried to root my smartphone because I myself think that it is not enough to have this handheld works according to the factory made. I searched how to surpass my smartphone performance with Rooting. But unfortunately, its firmware is V10D, there is no way to root this firmware, yet. So I found the article how to flashing (upgrade/downgrade firmware). I have no choice unless downgrading its firmware. It usually takes 10 – 15 mins to flash, but it’s already more than 120 mins for me! And it has not completed yet. I’m panicking.

Okay, you there, don’t tell me “I said so”. I know how foolish I am to initiate this thing which I am not expert or well-done at. I am doing it myself. Without under supervision from someone. Yeah, foolish or reckless. Or curious.

I think I will spend all day long to take care this smarty ass stuff. Well, it’s not smartphone if the ignorant-dull person use it. At least, I tried. Yeah, still waiting to get back my Adorable Optimus. Will inform you how the progress. Wish me luck, folks.


4 thoughts on “reckless, foolish, and curious

    • oh fortunately there’s no error though the process to flash HH is failed.
      But I did it on 3 AM, my firmware changed into v10a, but it turned out there might be some corrupt data. HH couldn’t recognized my sim card, even wi-fi, and it keeps restarting. So, I got my HH back to v10d 🙂
      And, still there’s no error 😀

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