No, I am not going to write movie synopsis of 21. It’s not. I am officially 21 years old now. That’s why. First time I arrived in Jakarta, I always spend my birthday there. Three times I spend my birthday there, Fenny, Ima, Nisa, and Bonita always were with me. But yesterday, Bonita couldn’t spend with us. Thanks so much for always be there when I had my own moment. It really meant more than a lot. Though we didn’t spend with an expensive cake or beautiful candles or luxurious party, the presence of all my friends was enough. 🙂

I guess the older I am, people who congratulate me become less. I understand. People get older and they become forgetful. Just like me actually. But, I really appreciate my best friends, friends, my senior, my junior, my teacher, anyone who remember and still had time to spend their little time just to text me and say those 3 words, or tweet and mention me, or just write on my wall, or shake my hands and give me a warm hug when they see me. Thanks a lot, from the deepest. 🙂

Yeah, I guess when people get older, all the present, gift, and party don’t matter. Just a simple “happy birthday” does matter. But truly, I still want to be a spoiled girl in front of my parents this time. Haha, remember, I am 21 years old now, don’t blame if one or two years later I can’t ask my parents in my birthday cause I already have a job, so I still have time now. I will always be a little daughter to my parents.

This twenty one times I celebrate my birthday, and three times I spent it in Jakarta, I had chance to come home. And here I am, in my home, together with my family. It’s beautiful. Remind you that you are not alone. Thanks to God for letting me live for 21 years and 1 day (today). I just hope I can be better and better each day. Love you, God, You know I always do. 🙂

P.S  This is a sweet “happy birthday” pic from Felicia Ellora. Thanks, dear. 🙂


3 thoughts on “21

    • Ah! It was the last day of E-Youth camp and we got rehearsal straight away for its grand seminar the next day..
      I’m terribly sorry for not being there.. huhu

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