the sweetest thing today :)

It was unbelievable. When I checked my twitter account, I found there were so many interactions. And when I read this:


WOW! JAW DROPPING. I suddenly trembled. This is my first time winning quiz something like this, ever. Unbelievable. Why? Because I participated this Greyson Chance Concert quiz without any serious purpose, I sent my answer quiz because I participated SS4INA ticket first, then this quiz came up and I just tried to fill the answer because its page appeared. Something unexpected comes when you do not realize or badly want it. 🙂

And tomorrow I have no midterm schedule! Yay! Such a perfect time 🙂 Thanks @detikhot. This is the sweetest thing today. Greyson, I’m going to see you tomorrow! Need google and listen to your music first, because honestly, I’m not your number 1 fan. :p


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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