Sharing love in Dorcas

Celebrating the Easter on 6th April ago, we, UKMa Kerohanian Kristen Universitas Bakrie, visited the orpahanage Dorcas at K.H. Wahid Hasyim street yesterday. We were a bit late. When we entered the main room, it’s bit awkward. There were so many eyes watching us. In a while, we began. We sang songs while we had to imitate the dance. Such an ice breaking. We already smiled each other. Me, sitting between the kids. Most of them are girls. On my right side, there are Nuke, Keke, and Sisil. I asked them their age. They are 8, 9, and 7, respectively. I was joking when I said I am 10 years old. You know what their reaction is? They only saw me like I’m totally stranger and nuts. No smile or laughing. My God, it’s difficult to make jokes in front of the kids.

But what makes me smile widely is when we sang song as a couple, because the gesture has to do with 2 persons, I was wanted by the two of them. They hugged me tightly, they made me overwhelmed. πŸ™‚

Thus, after we already got a bit tired, we continued with lunch together. I helped some of them to prepare their food and reminded them to wash their hands. Such obedient kids. πŸ™‚

After lunch, we did a group quiz. I am the third group. Our group consisted of Β *sorry if I wrote your names wrongly, kids* Regi, Yeni, Farren, Hanna, Keke, Melisa, and Mimo (member of UKMa Rohkris). They are so mini, including me, so our group is so cute, active, like to yell, easy to pout, yeah, kids. Hahaha.

Regi who was easily angry and pout, asked me to win. Keke and Melisa who eagerly wanted to win, suddenly sad because our group is left behind and while they were trying their best to answer, we still lost just the matter of time. I, who wanted to win because I wanted to see them smile and laugh while we could answer the quiz, made up my mind and seriously into the quiz. After so much of efforts to make our group number 1, we only placed as second winner. No present for the second winner, pity. If we had presents, might be my kids would smile widely. :’)

Then we had to go home, because our schedule in Dorcas was limited. So we said goodbye after taking a few commemorate pictures. Keke, who is rather not easy to approach, just smile weirdly while I asked her to take a picture with me while saying “You’ll miss me. Come on, take a picture with me.” In the end, she agreed taking a picture with me…and with others. Well.

Sharing love with others– whatever your background is, whatever your past is– is always beautiful. It’s touching your heart. Thanks to God I still have Β a chance to meet them and remind me about how lucky I am, how grateful I had to be. Thanks to kids in Dorcas for welcoming us warmly and politely. You are blessed, don’t you know? Love you! πŸ˜€

P.S : I will post the photos later. You’ll see how cute they are πŸ™‚


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