Too soon?

This is our second season having regular social gathering or we called it arisan. This month is the second time and my name appeared! This is too soon, I don’t expect my name would be appeared, I hope it’s Nacla (Nana+Clara–> Me and Nana joined together so we have to pay 1.5 times than others).

But it’s settled. Me and Nana agreed that this time it’s Nacla, and if Nacla appears on the next social gathering, it would be mine. Win-win solution 🙂

I planned the money I got in social gathering will not be spent for shopping or so. I planned for saving it, remember my resolution for 2013? Yes, visit Korea! I should make saving as one of my habits, other than sleeping. 😀 By the way, this morning I got up early. Jogging time! Yippie, I was excited. Try to live healthier now. I’m going to jog regularly, moreover it’s midterm now, so I have a lot more time in the morning 🙂

Thanks God for today. I feel blessed and healthy. 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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