2 nights 2 days

Last Good Friday, me, mother, and brother went to Pangandaran. My father’s company held a family gathering. Because my father is in Banyuwangi now, then I replaced my father to go to this trip. It was such a long trip. Needs about 7 to 8 hours to touchdown Pangandaran. On day 1, we arrived at Batu Karas Beach. Do you still remember the music video of Ello, “Masih Ada”, yes, it was taken at Batu Karas. It’s beautiful!

After got some time to take a picture, we had lunch near Green Canyon. I didn’t have a chance to ride the boat. But I think it’s rather scary, I heard that inside the lake, there is a lot of lizards.

After having lunch, we went back to Pangandaran and checked in to the hotel. The hotel was quite good. It’s in front of the Pangandaran Beach. Me and my brother rode a twin bike. We took a lot of picture at the beach. It’s more beautiful than Batu Karas Beach. It’s wider, cleaner, and the waves are wilder.

The next day, in the morning, after me and my brother had a late breakfast than others, we went to snorkel. I got excited when my mother who went to go shopping, called me to join my father’s friends’ children. We rode a boat to go to the Pasir Putih, then we were given a goggle and life jacket. It’s different when I snorkel in Tidung. In Tidung, the guide get us off in the spot that has a pretty rocks and fishes. In contrast, in Pangandaran, we should swim alone and find the spot. I was disappointed, because it doesn’t have a beautiful view under the water. May be because we swam not too far from the edge, but it was comparable with its price. Only IDR 40k.

Having snorkeling makes my skin getting darker. But it’s fine because I enjoyed it somehow. After snorkeling, I had a little swimming time in hotel. Then we need to go back to Bandung after go shopping.

Though it’s just 2 days and 2 nights, I got chance to relax and enjoy the holiday. 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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