return (?)

It’s been ages! Yeah, I know, it’s my fault. While I was enjoying my holiday, I was too immersed in my own excitement that I couldn’t write any post. And here I am. Returning (?).

The last semester in my junior year, it is very hectic. Every subject needs paper and weekly (group) assignment. Moreover, I have activity every weekend. I feel incredibly exhausted. Seems I am still breathing is a good sign. Believe me, if I am not gradually getting skinny because of those deadlines, then that’s how my fate be (becoming fat-chubby).

I really want to write anything in my mind, but somehow I just can’t because I don’t have any leisure time. I am just thankful if I still have 7 hours to sleep. Hallelujah. So, is it my time to return to you? I guess (not). I need to prepare for my mid-term exams. Two weeks left! Holy me, time’s pretty fast! And, I have to prepare for my internship program for July-September, which is my time seems less to spend in having fun. But I don’t mind, because my salary from internship is going to be saved for Visit Korea in 2013! Yay 😀

I will try to write more, I promise. Take care of you and don’t be sick. Bless you 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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