Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine 🙂

Seems I am too lazy to write any post here. Yeah, my broadband sucks, and I get thin chance to use computer because of my brother. And I am really disappointed that I didn’t finish my writing on 30 Hari Menulis Surat Cinta. I really wanted to write the last writing to the Postman. Huffft, he might get it for the next year.

This holiday doesn’t seem different with another holiday. Some unproductive days, some fun days, and some productive days. I cooked in this holiday. Yes! Believe me, I was trying so hard to make a decent food. But, cooking is not really my area. Somehow, when I try on my cook, it tasted pretty well. But when others had a try, my cook was off. I think I need to check my tongue.

Well, this Valentine’s Day, no boyfie. So I’m spending it with some useful stuffs, for me. In the morning I went to the traditional market. My mother told me to buy some food, and despite of buying a well-cooked food, I bought ingredients to make my own food. I had no idea what to buy, so I just bought tempe and kangkung. Yeah, what else? I ended up cooking orek tempe and plecing kangkung.

I spent some hours by watching special romantic movies on cable tv while eating three scoops of ice creams. And I think I’m gonna spend this day with self-mani-padi, and of course watching romantic movies. Life is good, isn’t it? Though I regret one thing, I should have not cooked. Who’s gonna eat? Well, we’ll see who’s have kind heart to finish those off. 🙂

Anyway, Happy Valentine! May the love spread around the world. 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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