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Hi folks!

It is exciting to write on you again, Wordy! 😀 It’s already November. I am not gonna surprised if I hear wows. Yes, wow. Two thousand and twelve is coming faster. But take it easy, I am not going to write about are-you-ready-to-have-a-new-year. No, I am not. Read my title. I will write about that. 🙂

Recently many people inspired me. Friends, a preacher, lecturers, and many more. They inspired me many things. About love life, future, and spiritual life. Anything. I just loved when people inspired me. Feels like the bell rings continuously. I admit that it feels good, a proof that my brain still works.

Because I just finished watching The Adjustment Bureau, it kinda rang my bell about what God has written about your life. I believe what people do is known by God. God has a perfect plan to our lives, but He is surely so good that He gives us a free will to choose. I have heard research says that in one day, people make a 8000 decisions among choices. Including the trivial decisions (such as what are you gonna eat for breakfast or which toothbrush are you gonna use this morning, and so forth). But, can you imagine how wonderful you are to make thousands decisions only in a day? The more wonderful is WHO made you, people.

I am just amazed about how mighty God is. He really knows what’s the best for you. And surprisingly, we act as if we know everything. I might say, we are being cocky. Yes way, I do that too.

If a life has a turn back button, it could be Adam and Eve would tell God not to create a serpent. Not to create the tree of life, moreover, not to create the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Why? So that they both not fall into the sins. For both sake, why did God make the serpent and the trees? Hell to the no, I don’t have the answer.

What I am trying to say (not to preach), is that though God already created the best plan ever for our lives, He wants us to choose what we like and what we would be in this life. He considers our wants. Underline it, CONSIDER. However, if we go on the wrong path because what we want, He kindly helps us to make a turn and  fix the broken. It is jaw dropping, huh?

I thought I was in a trouble. Why? Because I thought I was not meant in Economy field. It was so not me. Feel the same way? But again, God reminds me that sometimes when I feel I walk on the wrong path and I just feel I stuck with my f*cking s*it and spend my whole time to cry and regret, then again, He rings my bell and says that I don’t know my future. I am not a psychic. I just need to trust all my life to Him and let He do the rest while I am trying to do my best. We never know what would we be in the next 5 years, do we?

After watching that movie, it’s not that I am so into Matt Damon. No, I am not. I am thinking that the times I left behind, it’s no use to regret. I am just gonna try to do better until the better becomes the best. Knowing that I have super-duper Life Designer to direct my way is relieving. 🙂

Do you think that I write a heavy post? Like I said before, it rang my bell. So it kept me thinking, and I ended up to write this. Contrary from my title, huh? Yeah, let’s get another chit-chat or story later, pals.

Just want to remind you; Love your life, Live to the fullest, Sky is the limit. 😀


3 thoughts on “mumbo jumbo

  1. I love your blog, have you considered adding and RSS feed feature? That will allow me to get automatic notifications of new pages. If you set up notifications via RSS, please email me! I will fav your site for now. Again Excellent website!

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