I was just asked by someone. “Why don’t you look for a boyfriend?”

I don’t know, I just smiled when I was asked that question. Simple question. But somehow, I didn’t try to explain my answer. I smiled and for few seconds I stayed still. Then I answered, “I don’t know. Maybe later.”

Relationship is not my priority now. I mean, I will find my boyfriend. I will. But I am not in a rush. It’s very different with my older sister. It is easy for her to have a boyfriend, she is defeatism type. So not me. That’s why I think that I need to grow mature first. I don’t want to spend a useless time to adjust with someone while me myself need adjust with my negative traits.

Let me put aside this relationship-thing.

October is so looong month, isn’t it? Do you feel the same? I feel that I already been in Jakarta over the month. But it’s still October 18! And it’s just about two weeks since I got back from Bandung. Got too busy in campus makes me in total confusion. Got tired.  Disorder appetite. Sleepyhead. Cranky. So bad of me.

I wish this October will soon over. I need my new allowance. I need midterm comes quickly, so I have my nap time more. Wish I can easily pass through this midterm with flying colors. Hope so.

Get your vitamin and don’t be sick. It’s suck to be sick, people. Catch you, later!


2 thoughts on “untitled

  1. I know! I sometimes feel like I miss being in a relationship and having someone care over me and everything, but that’s just it, nothing else. I know I’m so far away from the maturity I want to have when I finally get myself a serious relationship. I still need to fix a lot of things in me haha.

    By the way, defeatism apa sih?

    • So trueeeee! We kinda same person..hahaha…

      Defeatism itu pengalah gitu kalo di kamus paling simpel sedunia, tapi kalo di kamus Cambridge itu ‘a way of thinking or behaving that shows that you feel you have no hope and expect to fail’.

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