Welcome October :)

I am so exciteeeeeed! Why? Because I am in the place where I called home; the place where every time I breathe the air, I just smile myself; the place I believe written in my blood cell, so when I just hit this town, I just knew I come home.

First day in October, I come home. Yeah, Bandung does always sound great to me. It was just like a heaven to me. Even I did go to some places which are more beautiful, but still, Bandung is like my escape to release the whole shitty things happen in my life. But no, my life is not like a piece of shit now. It’s under controlled. 🙂

Welcoming October, I come home to celebrate my father’s birthday (He’s 51 on Sep 30, actually), fix my glasses (hell yeah, I couldn’t use it since I got back from Tidung Island), have some free time in hometown (yes, it’s always freshening life when you come home), and other reason.

I bought my favorite author’s newest novel, Antologi Rasa, before I went to Bandung. It really IS amazing. The novel, I mean. I fall for the male character, Harris Risjad, besides all his jerk-bastard-badass part. I mean, he would be the man I love. The man who really loves the woman so bad and loves to make her laugh and smile. Yes, I just love that kinda man. 🙂 And Ika Natassa never fails to make me so into the novel. Witty, smart, educated, and at the same time, it’s inspiring. Good job, Mbak Ika. 😀

Reading Antologi Rasa, I was like reading lots of book. I admit that I learn many things through the novel, but aside the borju things ya. Because I just don’t like how woman be controlled by brand. You just spend millions only for a handbag. That’s why when I watch “Confessions of Shopaholic”, I just got annoyed myself. Okay, let’s not talk about this further. But really, Antalogi Rasa inspired me. I just really want me to finish mine quickly, very quickly. 🙂 Yeah, I write a novel. It’s about 69 pages so far. Just wish me to finish it really quick and I’ll send it to the publisher ASAP, and get it published. Amen. 😀

And I might be the lucky number one. 🙂 Because this semester, I have the awesome-and-incredibly-smart-ass lecturers! Yes, they are very smart and educated. The more important is, they push us to have strong and persistent willing to succeed by their inspiring experiences. And I am so excited! I am lucky and don’t be envy! 😀

Okay, I hope my boosting spirit is not gonna end until the end of the day. 😀 So, I just have to meet my goals in this month first, and let me crawl to meet my goals in the future. Time flies. Really fast. Don’t be sorry or regret. Make your move now or nothing happens in future.

October, I welcome you very warmly. Please be nice and let me do my lists really really well. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome October :)

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