getting older

I am getting older. It’s not a question. I just realized how I am getting older day by day. It just suddenly appeared when my mother accompanied me to go back to Jakarta about 2 weeks ago. My heart ached when I sent my mother home. The same feeling when I first hit Jakarta and found my mother was not in my room after the orientation. I almost cried.

I just thought that it takes 2 years more, then I graduate. I really want to work in Jakarta, because I can see a bigger view here and it helps to catch my dream. But, I really love my hometown. The place where I was born, the place where I called home, the place where my family is. I don’t know… if I work in Jakarta, it means I have much less time to spend with my lovely family. Such a tough decision.

It takes only 2 years more then I am not a student anymore. I can’t be playful as much as I want. I enjoyed my playful time. Indeed. Whether it’s high school or college, I enjoy it as much as I can. And time flew fast. Two years more, this fun and joyful things are going to the end. It will never be the same. I realized how I am getting older after the hard and fun times I spent with the others committee in campus. It was really fun. I almost cried when realizing that there is no meeting at 5.45 AM, that there is no evaluation of committee until 8 PM.

I am getting older. There is no turn back button. I can’t stop the time, furthermore, I can’t press the button ‘back’. I appreciate each time I spent with my family, best friends, and friends. I appreciate our moments. I am getting older. I just hope that someday in the future, I will have no regrets in my youth.


2 thoughts on “getting older

  1. reading this post makes me nervous you know..
    moreover, I read this after we had talks with Linda this afternoon..

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