They say Milly, I say Banana

Hooray! I’ve got my puppy. Okay, it’s not just mine. It’s sister’s and brother’s too. We were planning to see around, but it turned out that we bought the puppy! Excited! Because me, my sister and my brother, are not allowed to raise a puppy. Of course, when we bought it, we didn’t even ask permission to our parents. Hahaha, we were naughty. But we couldn’t help it, it’s so cute. And we got the puppy for the cheap price! 🙂 It’s pincher and it’s female.

It’s cute, isn’t it? 😀

But honestly, among us, I, the only one, who can’t get along with puppy (and any kind of pet) easily. Weird huh? I am that kind of person but still insist want to have a puppy. Yes, it’s ticklish when carrying the puppy on your arm. Especially when the puppy starts to lick you. Yuck. I can’t help it. But, I needed to push myself be brave carrying the puppy. Because the day after we bought it, it’s time for me to go back to Jakarta. Pretty sad. So, I started to learn how to carry it. And I did it! Furthermore, I played with the puppy, so amusing.

We named it with lots of name. I wanted to name it Kenzo, after I watched reality show of Kimora Lee. In fact, the puppy is female, so that name doesn’t suit at all. My sister wanted to name it Nera, Nero for black in Latin, because it’s female, it became Nera. Ugly, I said. Then I thought Abigail is perfect, and the nickname is Abby. But my sister said it doesn’t suit for puppy. Sigh. Then I saw my grandfather was eating banana, so suddenly I shouted “Banana! We will call it Nana!” We agreed.

The next day, my family –without me– have discussed that “Banana” will be changed to “Milly”. Because when we call the puppy from its nickname, Nana, it’s pronounced sounds like my mother’s name “Anna”. So, it’s decided that the puppy’s name is Milly. But I still prefer Banana. It’s so cute, isn’t it? Yeah whatever, I am just happy that finally I have my own puppy. And I will still call the puppy “Banana” :p Oh, I already miss my Banana…


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