not had time to smile at him

I just got back from one of my relatives’  graduation party when I saw the crowd from one of the houses at our residential. The tailor grandpa who always smiled at me, died. It was shocking me. When I went to the graduation party, I was just passing in front of his house.

He died in loneliness. He lived alone while he had children. He had wife, but she didn’t live with him. Ironic.

The thing I regret is that I have not had time to smile at him this holiday. Yeah, because he always smiled at me and asked me “Where are you come from?” “Where are you going?”. Or he would have just smiled at me while waving his hand to me. This holiday, I couldn’t smile at him. Not even once. Sorry, grandpa. I will miss your smile. Your sincere smile. May God bless your family. Good bye… :’)


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