be thankful

I did not have a feeling. But when I knew about the announcement, I was like kind of numb. Yes, I was not one of the awardees of Student Exchange Daejeon University.
Sad? Absolutely, it’s one of my dreams. And I found myself couldn’t get what I dreamed.
Want to cry? No. My tears were like they have known that it would turn out like this.
Angry? A bit, in fact that Indonesia students who have been accepted are from the universities that member of ASEAN University Network (AUN). I mean, I am sure they are able and eligible for this student exchange scholarship, but.. Oh, you know what I meant. But, I sincerely congratulate those students who have been accepted. You are lucky, may God bless your journey in Daejeon. 🙂
So, what now? Hmmm, I know that everything happens for a reason. Maybe one of the reasons why it turned like this is because lots of people might be SO SAD if I go to South Korea for one year. Is it true, guys? Yeah, just say yes, try to make me comfort, readers. 🙂
Spending this holiday, I will make it as productive as possible. I want to start writing (remember, being a writer is my passion), I want to learn korean (hangul and the bla bla bla), I want to study English harder, I want to live healthily (I think I need to work out), and of course I want to entertain myself with those Korean stuffs (don’t blame me if those stuffs become my cureall. 🙂
I only have one month, so better to start my lists holiday from tomorrow. Happy holiday, guys! Just be thankful for who you are and what you get. God is good, all the time. 😀

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