saengil chukae, chingu / 생일 축하해, 친구

Hi! Sorry, been late 8 days. Really sorry. I will reflect myself that as a friend, I’m completely a bad friend. Forgetting your birthday. It’s not a thing that I would forget easily, but somehow, as I’m getting older, I’m becoming forgetful. Jeongmal mianhae.

At first, I remember that it’s July, it means your birthday and Prista’s birthday are coming. But when I looked at the calender, I was frozen. I was late to wish you a happy birthday. Actually, I was just a bit pissed of my own self. When I was waiting for your birthday wish on my Best Day, I immediately sent you a text. And it came out that I forgot your birthday. Just felt I’m worse, you didn’t even send me a text to remind me. Bad me. Sorry.

So, in order to redeem my fault. I dedicate this writing for you, Rianne Theodora Alfari.

It was so nice to know you when we were at high school. Meeting a newfriend is always fascinating me. It was like God’s way, that both of us, and other friends, got along well. Studying together, gossiping, discussing a new things, sharing our favorite things, having walk together, and the most memorable was, we were enjoying fellowship in God. We had been through a tough way in our friendship. Mouth fighting, quarreling, and many more. But, we shared our tears together.

You became my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen all my jeremiad, a heart to try feeling the same way, and a mouth to say what I need to hear. You became my good friend, real one.

Even when we meet again –when I get back to Bandung–, we don’t hug, but every “HI!” we say to each other, it includes all joy and happiness that in fact, we meet again. And I just feel good, when just the two of us, I call you “DUGONG”. Hahaha..remember, I was the first  made that nickname for you.

I really feel sorry when I forgot your birthday. I am such a bad friend. Totally.

But this chance, I want to thank all the things you’ve done for me, all the things that we’d been through as friend. Sometimes, I just feel comfort to share you my heavy-not-good things to you that I couldn’t even tell to other Crytalmilk. Some stories that I just don’t feel good to share with them, but I share to you. Be proud. :p

And big bunch of thanks to you, Gong, that you always welcome my self-printed novel to read. I just feel that you read it sincerely and commented it with all your heart. It motivates me to write a novel, a best one. Keep my words, that if one day, I succeed to have my own novel that publish in bookstore, I assure you that your name will be on my Thank You List. It’s up to you, written on Rianne Theodora Alfari or Ane Dugong. :p

I hope we can meet soon on Crystalmilk Sleepover Party in this holiday, so we can share our stories and share our dreams in the future. It is always nice to have a friend that can share a dream together. I hope we can make our dreams come true.

It’s really GOOD to know you, my best friend. Saengil chukae, chingu! 🙂

p.s: I share our pictures. Some of those are our old times, or I might say “saat kita masih cupu”.


One thought on “saengil chukae, chingu / 생일 축하해, 친구

  1. ehm, pake bahasa indonesia aja ya la. hha..
    speechless bacanya la. ga tau mau ngasih comment apa. yang pasti pas aku baca, yg aku pikirin : emang aku udah jadi temen yg sebaik itu ya.. aku bahkan lupa dan telat banget ngucapin selamat ulang tahun. jadi ngerasa bersalah la. hhu. skali lagi deh. maaf bgt ya la, udah telat ngucapin. tp ngedoain mah ga pernah telat da. hha…
    stlh baca, jadi sangat sangat sangat mau balik ke masa SMA. bener2 kangen. kumpul di tower, ngerumpi, semua yg kamu sebutin, ARGH… BENER2 KANGEN.

    hm, apa lagi ya. asa banyak yg pengen dishare tp bingung. hha..
    aku mau minta maaf aja la. stlh kamu bilang kamu ngerasa jadi teman yg buruk, malah aku yg ngerasa jadi temen yang bener2 buruk. smoga bisa aku perbaiki. amin…
    makasih juga, sangat2 makasih kamu udah nganggep aku sbg tmn yg baik. sangat2 berharga membacanya.
    rianne theodora alfari merasa sangat bangga menjadi teman ragatnia clara. hha. makasih banyak la…
    jeongmal gomawo…


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