significant other

(continued)… If you want to know why I write this post, you can find the reason on the post earlier. 

What is significant other in the modern usage?

The current usage of significant other has come into the modern vernacular often referring to a person who is more than a boyfriend or girlfriend but not yet a husband or wife. (Wikipedia)

I will not explain or talk about the definition, relax. I am just thinking about who is the Mr. Right for me? If I myself can choose who will be the Mr. Right, I will immediately drag Park Yoochun (JYJ) and lock him in the cage. Kidding. I mean, I have a long list Mr. Right who I want him to be mine, for sure. But, will my name appear on someone’s list? Yeah, no melancholic topic right now.

Okay, if we are talking about who you want to be yours, I’m sure, 24/7 is not enough. What I want to talk is what does he have that you want him to be your significant other? Sorry, I’m kinda selfish now, but I just write what I want. 🙂

First, my significant other should love me. Fool me, it is rhetorical. I mean, when you love someone, you will TRY to make her/him happy that (s)he has you. Got it? I want my significant other make me believe that I’m happy to have him.

Second, he should be a calm one. Yeah, I am moody, it is very easy to make my mood explode. When I’m getting angry, I just can’t pretend that I’m not angry. My face and my tone show the angry of me. It’s bad, and I hope my significant other is a calm one. Funny, because it’s like I’m just referring to my parents. Yes, my mother is someone who can easily get angry, opposite, my father is quiet and calm. I think it helps. When I’m angry, and my significant other is just quiet, with whom I’m going to fight?

Third, he lets me do what I love. I really love writing and reading. It’s so nice if when we’re dating, he lets me spending time together with him while I’m doing what I love. I love eating as much as I love sleeping. About these, I hope he won’t disturb my sleeping time (except in the urgent). It is the most important, he will not worry about my weight (because I am the one who will worry, for sure). In addition, he will not be ashamed to walk with me because I’m short.

Fourth, my significant other should be a humorist. I love laughing. Very much. It would be VERY nice if he is humorist. I can laugh out loud everyday. 😀

Fifth, it is the main thing. I could tolerate if the four above aren’t match with my significant other. But this last thing, it is a MUST. He must be a Jesus’ lover. He loves God more than his life. If this one accomplished, he passed. 🙂

I don’t know, maybe you judge me as a picky or too demanding. Everything is allowed if I only write it. In real life, I don’t even know who will be my significant other, so I just keep my wish list — I say– for my own. Hope will meet him soon. Since I was in junior high, I dreamed I’m married when I’m 23 yo. Now, I’m 2o yo. Gosh, it means I have to find my significant other ASAP. Kidding. I’m just waiting for God’s time, it’s always in time. 🙂 Yeah, don’t think about the marriage, I have to focus about finishing my study and catch my dreams. 🙂

For you, who have found your significant other, be happy! I hope you will have a long-lasting relationship, until you two ready to say “I do”. 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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