marriage, wedding, oh.. whatever

I have just come home to attend a wedding. It was my father’s boss son wedding. It held in Hotel Kartika Chandra, so my mother told me to come with her. So, in this cloudy Sunday, I prepared my dress and all my stuff. As a mother’s daughter, I wanted to look beautiful.

I remember about my friend’s blog, she’s talking about marriage, you can visit on her blog, Gita Diani Astari. I’m thinking about marriage because I just attended a wedding. I’m asking myself, are you ready to tie the knots? Are you ready to say “I do”? Funny. Actually I am single and already thinking about this.

Do I believe, in the future, I will marry the right one, my significant other? Will I not regret about the decision I made to marry him? What if, when you are married and promised him to lively as dead to him, it turns out you find someone who you think is the right one? You see that the bride and groom are smiling with joy, think that they won’t be separated until the death. In the end, they would not even see the face of their spouse. Sad. Marriage sounds scary. To some couples. It sounds scarier to me because I, single since I was born (it’s because I am not ready yet), always ask about the marriage. The WHY’s always pop up in my head.

I am just confused with the people who cannot keep the commitment. They took the oath of marriage, or wedding vow. But somehow, they just forget that they took the oath. Or they remember, but do not know the true meaning of wedding vow.

When I was in the wedding, I see the bride and groom, they don’t stop smiling. I hope they will not forget about that moment, if one day they had a big fight, that joyful moment will remind them about why they agree to tie the knots.

I hope, when I am getting married, I will keep the moment when I say “I do” and be thankful to my husband, the only man who can beat other men but cannot beat my father, for his presence in my life and make me brave to start a new family. The problem is not how to make me brave to take a vow, but actually, where is my significant other, my Mr. Right, my soul mate — whatever you call that– ?

to be continued…

p.s : this is how I look when attended the wedding


3 thoughts on “marriage, wedding, oh.. whatever

  1. My name’s there! 😀 😀 😀 Ahahaha.

    Oooh, it’s nice to know that people think and contemplate about an issue after reading my blog. Ohohoho. And yeah, it’s true. It’s very sad that sometimes spouses just go separate ways and seem to forget what they promise each other the day they decide to always be together. I just hope we never have to experience that. 🙂

    A happy life to all of us! *cheers*

    PS: Cantiiik Kiting! Hahaha 😀

  2. aaaaaa, yes. If you write something that interesting, I usually think about that thing. 🙂 I will put your blog on “Visit Another Blog”, okay? 🙂

    YES! A happy life! 😀

    p.s : aaawwwww, that’s so sweet of you! tons of love, Git! :*

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