into the fullest

I did it with all my heart, into the fullest.
I was such a lucky girl, that knowing the information about scholarship to Daejeon University, South Korea. My friend, Bonita, gave me this info. I was so excited. Oh yeah, it’s been my biggest dream that someday I will go to South Korea for sure, holiday or scholarship. She gave me all the info for the scholarship; it is student exchange program to Daejeon University for one year or two semesters. I read all the qualifications, and it’s not easy. But I and other friends give it a try.
It happened before the final exams and the deadline is July 10. It seemed I had a long time to prepare. But one day I read all the applications and conditions. The application form should be filled with the applicant’s personal detail, including the passport number. And I… didn’t have a passport! I immediately sent my friend a text about the passport. It took about 10 days until she got the passport in hand and the cost is quite cheap, Rp270.000. I still had my saving that will cover the passport cost. I remember that Bonita already has the passport, and then I sent Fenny –my friend who joins this scholarship- text, asking whether she already has the passport. In fact, she was the same with me. Then we decided to request the passport to the immigration office together.
Because we are not the Jakarta’s citizen then we requested to the campus for the official statement letter. We also asked the campus about the situation if some of us passed this scholarship, especially for me and Bonita; because we are the scholarship students. We also asked about the recommendation letter, about its procedure. After asking the campus back and forth, it’s clear that we, scholarship students, are allowed to join the scholarship and if we passed the selection, our scholarship in campus will not be broken, but we have to pay the last year by our own.
It seemed that, personally, I was given a green light. Then I just decided to fight till the end. But first of all, I had to take care of my passport. Because the passport needs original birth certificate and original family registration, I asked my mother to send those original documents to Jakarta. Of course she asked me why I needed those. I explained, she was just okay and told me she will send it the next day then she told me that she will call my father because of it.  I had no problem about it. I chose the immigration office in Jakarta Pusat, even my rent room is in South Jakarta, because I heard that in Jakarta Pusat is not as crowded as in South Jakarta. I REALLY had a hard times taking care of my passport. Seriously. For the first time I went there, I didn’t have a chance to give the documents because I ran out of queue number. I decided to go there in my final exam week. It was Monday and I had Business Decision Modelling Exam in the afternoon. I planned that in the early morning I will go to take care of my passport. I wake up at 5 AM! Gosh, it’s hard, besides I was bit dizzy, it’s like I was going to catch cold. After giving the documents, I should come to immigration office for the interview and taking the biometric picture two days later. But on way to go home, I went by bus way, and here it went… The kid THREW UP! Right in front of me! It got my shirt and my pants. I didn’t have energy to be pissed off. The mother, for making it worse, didn’t even say “sorry” to me. Yeah, right. My head was dizzy and I was thrown up by kid. Perfect. But in the end, I just said myself to be patient.
I didn’t come to the immigration office two days later, because I still had my final exams. I finished my exams first then I took care of my passport again. It’s time for interview and took the biometric picture. I hate the officer in there, especially the woman officer who took care of me. She’s horrible. I mean, she is a civil servant. That her job to serve the people. She didn’t even give a smile to me, what she’s all doing is yelling and shouting. She’s so unfriendly. I had no intention to badmouth civil servant. My mother is civil servant, but every time I come to my mother’s office, she’s trying to be friendly with all people. The woman officer talked to me like she’s looking down on me, I hate it. When she’s ready to take a picture of me, I smiled. But you know what, she talked (or I might say, she shouted) to me like this “Don’t make your mouth like that! Just make it usual!” Oh yeah, I completely hate her when she talked like that. She could say “It’s not necessary to smile, just plain face.” Such an annoying woman.
The other qualification is medical questionnaire. There was written about the chest X-Ray. God, I didn’t have money to have medical check-up. I asked my friends who have already gone to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. They say it costs Rp475.000. Oh yeah, I didn’t know where I have to make a debt. It was ashamed if I asked my father/mother. But I had no choice, I called my mother (because my father was out of reached, he worked in the deep forest or mountain, I had no idea, but for sure, there was no signal). My mother said it was okay for me to have medical check-up, because the last holiday I ask her to medical check-up (I had a history disease when I was on 6th grade in elementary). Since she agreed, I decided to continue my fight. Earlier, if my parents didn’t allow me to have medical check-up, I will withdraw the selection. According to the information I got, the result of medical check-up took 2-3 days. It was Friday, and we had to send the all applications on Tuesday. I had no time. So I decided to have medical check-up at Metropolitan Medical Centre Hospital, right next to my campus, and I had to skip my soft skill training class. Honestly, I and my friend skipped soft skill training even without the approval of the lecturer. Yeah, we had guts.
One of the qualifications is essay. Yes, I had to finish the essays, yeah, there were 2 kind of essays. One thousand words essay and five hundreds words essay. I spent one day to finish both. I spend my two-third day to read the articles. I did it with all my heart. When I finished both, I felt completely relieved and happy.
The next day, I went to the immigration office again, for the last time, until I have to renew it (if I still want to take care of it in Jakarta Pusat). I came to take the passport. I only needed about 20 minutes to wait. I saw the picture of me on the passport, it’s horrible! Because of the woman officer! ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! Calm down, I’m not cursing.
So it came, the day we should send all applications. Tuesday, July 5. Even the deadline is July 10, but because we used the cheap package express, we had to send it by Tuesday. Speaking the truth, I myself want to send it through FedEx. But looking to the fare, it’s completely NO! We all broke. Because the applications should be sent to Bangkok (Thailand) and Daejeon (South Korea), so it’s more expensive. In the end, the six of us joined the selection of this scholarship student exchange. This morning, I got news that package to South Korea was arrived safely. The package to Thailand was arrived safely two days ago. Thanks God. 🙂
That was the chronology. Boring? Sorry, I just want to write it all because I want to make a history, a history that even I suffered a lot, but I did it with all my heart. I really hope I pass the selection; I really want to go to South Korea. It’s not because I love the boy band but it’s because I love the country, I want to learn about South Korea, I want to learn the language, people, lifestyle, culture, I want to learn it all! Pray the best for me, readers! 🙂
Even my dad will refuse if any chance I pass the selection. Yeah, he told me if I really passed the selection, he wouldn’t give his permission. He told me to finish my study in Jakarta. Dad, just so you know, it’s my big dream to go to South Korea, besides it’s for studying. If, (I hope) I passed the selection, I will knee in front of you to give me approval and permission to go.
But still, I just give the decision to my Almighty God. It’s all in His hands. I just pray for the best. I did my best, with all my heart. I did my turn, and it’s Your turn. 🙂

Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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