little sister

I am the second of the third. I have an older sister, we have 3 years difference. I have a younger brother; it’s only one year difference. When I started to like reading novel, it’s been my biggest dream that I will have an older brother. I always wish.

In campus, I have a big brother. I know him because he was the one of the committee of OSPEK. He looks so big. But he has a soft heart. I know, because I chat with him a lot, so I know him (less-more). We love the same things. We joke a lot. We love laughing out loud. The part I like most is when he just passes by and I greet him, and suddenly he says that he wants to buy me an ice cream. Oh yes, I love that part, a lot.

When I am around him, I will look like his little sister. He’s so big and I am so small. But I like walking beside a tall and big person; it feels like the person next to me is guarding me. Once he said to me, “Find me a girlfriend!” Then I just straightaway answered him, “No!” “Why?” he asked. I thought a second, “Because… if you have a girlfriend, you won’t be nice as much as like all this time to me. You won’t buy me an ice cream again. You won’t be like this, after all.” “He smiled a bit and said, “No way. It won’t be happened.” I nodded, “Yes, it will happen. And I don’t like it.” “Then, when do I have a girlfriend?” I answered him immediately, “Until I have a boyfriend!” He laughed.

Whether we don’t talk regularly, but every time it’s possible for us to chat, we will. Because he treats me like his own little sister. It was my birthday, but he didn’t even send me a text, or write on my wall, or say it straight to me. When we met, he talked to me that made my mood down, so I just said “I don’t care, it’s my birthday, so I just want to do what I want. And you, you didn’t even give me ‘a birthday speech’.” I walked away, and he was just quiet. Yeah, sometimes we quarrel a lot. But in the next day, we will act as if nothing happened. Like three days later, he asked me to accompany him buying a gift. If I accompany him, he will buy me an ice cream. I never refuse a seductive offer, haha kidding. I thought he already has the girl he likes, so I get excited; really want to know who the girl is. He had me to choose a big doll. I asked him who the girl is, but he was silent. Then we chose a doll, I picked the cute one. Then he told the clerk to wrap the gift. Then he bought me an ice cream. When it’s the time to me to start my assistant class, we went to the gift shop first. Then I took a leave, but he told me to bring that gift. “Don’t say that IT is for me!” I yelled at him. He answered, “Saengil chukae dongsaengie. Sorry, it’s late 3 days.” I smiled widely, “Thanks a lot, brother. Saranghaeyo!”

Yeah, sometimes he acts so cute, I mean he behaves so well, like my own older brother. But sometimes he acts like a jerk. There is one thing that I hate most of him. Smoking. Come on boys, men, don’t screw your body with those poisons. I once scolded him because he smoked, but yeah, who am I? I can only remind him that smoking is bad for him (not only for him, but for you too readers).

For you, big brother, I wish you a perfect-healthy life. I wish you a hopeful life, don’t lose your dreams. Call me a selfish sister. Yes, I am. I just love being a little sister. I am not ready yet if you have the girl you love, I still love being your little sister, or you call ‘dongsaeng’. But, in the deepest of my heart, I pray for the best girl for you. May she will love you as much as you love her. I hope she hates when you smoke, so you can stop smoking. I hope the best for you. When the time is coming, I will find another older brother who will take care of me as his own little sister, like you did.


9 thoughts on “little sister

  1. u only expect him as ur brother??no more??
    but when i read ur hand written above,its sound tendentiously says dat u admire him not only as brother but more..
    anyway i m glad to read it,so sweet

  2. no more, no less. I really expect him just only become my older brother. 🙂 and I think I don’t admire him, I like him as my older brother. It’s different, for me.

    And I’m glad you like my writing. 🙂

    How have you been her? long time no news from you?

  3. ok..ok..
    just old brother :p

    i am fine enough..
    i have faced huge turbulence
    i feel my world stops rotating…
    but,i have to fight and keep myself safe
    kangeun mangkunegoro!
    miss u so much

    • yes, just older brother 🙂

      really? just tell me if you need a friend to talk to..
      I know you’re strong, Her.. 🙂

      same with meeee!! miss mangkunegoro family, and miss you! hope we’ll meet soon! 😀

  4. Touchy…
    It’s so sweet La..
    Now I know how close you guys are.. (n_n)

    I wish I can have a big brother too, the one that is just like yours.. #envious

  5. Aww so cute! I had an oppa too, but he flew back to Korea and now we rarely talk. 😦 I have other “big-brothers” from high school and we still contact each other a lot via Facebook, and it feels nice to have big brothers. 🙂 I totally understand!

    By the way check out my WordPress too! 😀 (Shameless self-promotion V2.0)

  6. Yes Gita! It’s so nice being a little sisters, isn’t it?

    Ow, do I know your “big-brother” in high school? kekeke.. :p

    Okay, I will visit yours ASAP 😀

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