My Princess and Dream High

Annyeong! Yes, now I’m posting about Korea Drama! Hehe, sorry guys if you don’t like anything about Korea, but I love it. So let me just enjoy it. Thanks. šŸ™‚

There are 2 K-dramas that I’m watching. Those 2 are currently airing in South Korea. My Princess and Dream High.

First, I want to talk about My Princess.

Yeah, Kim Tae Hee is there! You can see how beautiful she is. She act as Lee Seol, the great granddaughter from Emperor Soon Jong. I love her outfits in this drama. Cute but still elegant. Song Seung Heon act as Diplomat Park Hae Young and teaches the Princess how to look smart and behave well as a real princess. He’s handsome. Okay, overall, it’s pretty good drama. But I don’t know, I don’t like the part when they are only looking at each other and say nothing. Too many parts of it. Sorry for comparing, but I love the part when two actors/actresses are looking at each other and say nothing in Secret Garden. They really know how to convey the message only through the way they looking each other. But I found it different in My Princess. Somehow you just want to cut those parts. The part I dislike more is the background music. It really doesn’t suit the scene. Sorry to say but any other music arranger who will make My Princess more alive? I myself don’t want to search in any search engine to look for the OST of this drama. The music which has to strengthen the feel of each scene, I found it meaningless in this drama. Better to find the better music arranger. But that’s only my opinion as a Korea Drama lover. No offense. For the point, I give 7 out of 10.

Second, Dream High.

If you love Korea music, you will love this drama. Taecyeon and Wooyoung 2PM, IU, Suzy Miss A, Eunjung T-Ara, JYP, and etc are here. And it’s musical drama. Pretty amusing. Just like any musical drama or film, you can say High School Musical or Glee, just like both, Dream High tells you about people who love music, competition, and love. I love Song Sam Dong here, his accent is funny, and he’s good looking. I read an article about Suzy’s acting, yeah, she’s not really good, but she tried. I appreciate it. Same with My Princess, I give 7 out of 10.

Maybe because I am too addicted with Secret Garden, and I have high expectation with other Korea Drama. Maybe. But really, Secret Garden is in my top list Korea Drama. It’s best Korea Drama ever. I love every episode. I love every scene between Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im. I love it! Very much! I give 12 out of 10. hehehe.. It’s highly recommended Korea Drama.

Okay, when I have other Korea Drama which is deserved to watch, I will post you! šŸ™‚


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