Sorry, it’s been a long time I haven’t written anything about my life. Yeah, lately I get distracted with another Korea Drama. I will talk about those dramas later.

Okay, so, here I am. I am in my holiday! Yeah, right, finally. But it is not like my other holiday. It’s only 3 weeks! Come on, I need more. But that’s okay, I learn how to be grateful about what you have not what you need.

I experienced the most broke me in the last month in my third semester. Yeah, totally broke. I spent all my savings. Now, I have no saving. Great. It’s like I start my new life. I love saving my money and also spending it. I learn saving from my parents. They taught me to save little by little. And when you think the time is come, you can spend it. I love when spending my money, especially to buy shoes, clothes, jeans, handbag, or anything else. I am girl, so those are common things that girl wants to buy. Because I spent all my saving, so I am penniless during my holiday. Pity me. I want to go doing some culinary-thing with my friends, but remember that I am broke, I can do nothing. That’s why I spend my holiday just at home, enjoying my Korean-time, watching DVDs, taking a nap, and those boring things.

Okay, maybe most of you will say, “That’s kind of boring holiday. Get up and get alive.” But, hell yeah, I enjoy it. I enjoy those boring things in my home sweet home. I’m just thinking, when will I get my boring holiday again? Two years left before my graduation, then I work. If I’m a worker, I am sure I won’t get a big chance to get my boring holiday. Therefore, I enjoy my boring things.

Oh, I almost forgot, in my first week holiday, I hung out with my college’s friends. Kind of fun. Yeah, at least I had some fun and experienced new things in my holiday. Hmm, maybe I have to save more money to plan about my next holiday. And I hope, my dream to visit South Korea in 2013 will be come true! I can’t wait! Yeah, but first I HAVE TO SAVE a lot more money.

And again, I did experiment with my hair. Hahaha, yeah, I will bravely do experiment with my hair if it’s only during holiday. If it’s failed, then you can just stay at home, right? Hehehehe..  I will post you my new haircut below,

How is it? My two friends say it’s cute or funny. Whatever. At least they are not screaming because it’s creepy enough to see. Hehehe.

Okay, for all of you, if you’re in your holiday, just enjoy it. If you’re not, just pretend you’re in holiday and enjoy it! 🙂

Keep sparkling, friends! 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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