We Got Married ep 53 (10.11.27)


Sorry for the late post, yesterday I just got back from Semarang, Central of Java. And when I got back from Semarang, I celebrated my friend’s birthday till midnight. So, I was so tired. That is why I only can post We Got Married newest episode today.

I myself haven’t downloaded our beloved three couples. But I found the link! So, here they are:

YongSeo Couple: SUBBED
I guess it will be another DAEBAK episode. Kekeke, even I haven’t watch it. Enjoy the link subbed. But if you want to read the translation, there is a link from Sweet Potato Days. RAW+translation

Adam Couple: SUBBED
The link I give will be same if SNJEUNG and team already subbed it. The latest news I got, part 1 almost done. Enjoy!

Khuntoria Couple: RAW
I got the link from SMTownJjang, as always, and I will update for the subbed link.

Okay, enjoy our three couple. If you want to ask or maybe want to share, please feel free to comment. Thanks! 🙂

UPDATED: here the link for Khuntoria Couple subbed: SUBBED


One thought on “We Got Married ep 53 (10.11.27)

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