We Got Married ep 52 (10.11.20)

Annyeong! 🙂

I got a little problem with my broadband yesterday, so I couldn’t post the link for We Got Married newest episode. But now, I will give you the link for our three couples. 🙂

Okay, We Got Married is coming back! I really love Yongseo Couple in this week’s episode. DAEBAK! Hope they are getting closer day by day! 🙂

YongSeo Couple episode 32: RAW
Still raw, there is translation from j2dlee soompi. You can find through the link above. Because it’s from Sweet Potato Days.

Adam Couple episode 52: SUBBED
Now subbed.  Enjoy! 🙂

Khuntoria Couple episode 21: RAW
Still raw. I have no idea who will sub this one. I only get the updated from SMTownJjang. Check it. And of course I will post the link subbed if there is already posted.

I haven’t watched and downloaded all episodes. Because it’s all raw. I am Indonesian, can’t understand Korean. I hope someday I will get better in my Korean, I am still learning. 🙂

Like I told you on my post before, the subbed episodes may be available in 2 days ahead. Please look forward! 🙂

UPDATED: for YongSeo Couple I got the link subbed: SUBBED enjoy! 🙂

UPDATED: finally I got link subbed for Khuntoria Couple: SUBBED enjoy! 🙂


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