first midterm on third semester

It’s my first midterm! Yeaaaaah!
Thanks God, even there are 6 courses left, but I am so happy. Kekeke.

First midterm: Business Studies. Status: Done.

FYI, when I read the first question, I just got blank in my head. I couldn’t remember what I read before.
But, I had this kinda situation, so I tried to be calm. I tried to close my eyes and remember what I read.
(Un)fortunately, I didn’t remember anything. Kekeke. I am blessed with good at writing, aren’t I? 😛
So, with all my heart and all my will, I started to write everything in my head. I don’t think it was the same like written on my notes. But it’s okay.

A bit stiff because I wrote almost all the pages on the answer sheet. Kekeke. Hope I get the best score! Amen.

Okay, this Saturday I will get Accounting Test. I prepared a lot for this course. Hope my hardwork will useful. Hope I get 100. Amen.

Hmm, I’m sweaty now, I want to take a shower. Catch you later!

Keep sparkling, friends! 🙂


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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