feeling blue

Have you ever cried suddenly whether you don’t know why you cried?
I have. Many times.

I was just studying and listening to my favorite music, and when I focused to listen the melody, I suddenly cried.
I remember my family in Bandung. I remember my mother. I remember my father. I cried a lot when I thought about them.

Maybe because I was too sensitive or maybe I was going to get my PMS, I don’t know exactly, but only listening to the music (melancholic of course), I cried.
Hmmm, or maybe because I college and live a far with them?
Right now, I am listening to original soundtrack of “1 Litre of Tears”. It’s making my eyes teary. Again and again, I remember my family.
Maybe some of you just think silly of me. Why I don’t just stop or change the music if it’s making me cry. No reason, I just want to keep this blue feeling. Yeah, without my family, I suffered a lot.
Sometimes I feel I am just alone. Even I feel like I don’t have a family.

That’s why I keep turning on the music which makes me cry. Because when I cry, I remember that I have a family. I remember that I have people I love who love me. I remember that I am not alone. Only distance matters.

My eyes really teary now. Maybe I will cry in a minute to go. Doesn’t matter. As long as I can remember that I am not alone.

I really miss my family. I miss them so much. I can only pray for them. Hope everything just fine. :’)


One thought on “feeling blue

  1. Jia you La!! \(n_n)/
    You are not alone.. *Jacko banget yak, huahaha…*

    lagu apa sih?? #penasarantingkattinggi

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