stop comparing!

Why do people always compare themselves with others?
I admit that I do that too, but I think, why don’t we always thank to God about who the way we are.

I watched “The Incredibles” back then. Remember? Yeah, it’s about superhero family.
When the son said, “Mom, why am I different? Why I wasn’t just like another kids.”
The mom said, “Because everyone is special. So do you.”
The son replied, “It’s just a proof that no one is special.”
It is not exactly like that, that’s only what I could remember. But, it pinches me. The conversation I meant.

Don’t stand yourself like the son. He only could see the negative one. Try to see like the mom did.
She could see the positive thing through the problem.

What do you see? A half empty glass or a half full glass?
A thing or problem is about how we see it. So, let’s stop comparing ourselves with others.
Everyone has unique thing on his way. Just make it more unique, then it will be fabulous.

I will try to stop comparing myself with others, and just try to love myself than anyone. If we don’t love ourselves, who will?
Just be thankful of who you are, what you are. You are special. 🙂

Keep sparkling, friends!

p.s: by the way, on Thursday, November 11, 2010, I will start my first midterm. Pray for me guys. 🙂 Fighting!


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