miss me?

Does anyone miss me? Okay, at least does anyone miss my post? :p

It’s been a couple days I haven’t post anything yet. Yeah, it’s kinda busy lately.
Deadline keep chasing me and I always look for the way to have my rest time, at least I have 7 hours to sleep.

The midterm test has been announced. It will be held on the second week in November.
Gosh, I am not ready yet. Okay, still, I have less than 3 weeks to prepare the exam. But those busy things, AGAIN, bother me.
I can’t focus about my preparation. For making it is worse, I really feel uneasy about my healthy. It’s like I’m going to get flu. I hope not.

Because it’s really busy. I can’t continue my project. Rather sad. 😦
Maybe I need to take a rest a bit and do my busy things. Oh yeah, I plan this Friday I will go home!
Yay, I’m going to my home sweet home, Bandung! Wish this time I really can go home. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Keep sparkling, friends!


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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