talk rubbish

I remember two days ago, I already set up all preparations to sleep. I prepared my pillow and my position.
After I prayed-before-sleeping, I just like something pushed me to think about something.
And the question is what was the something? The something was the idea for my new project. Yeah, it was 1 AM.

Now, I’m doing my project. I am not very bright now, I mean, I really want to continue what I started but the idea is not coming up.

Oh yeah, last night, it was my first time to eat Nasi Gule at the side of street at blok M. I was hungry so I just eat it without any comments.
Okay, Nasi Gule was nice, but I think if I eat it regularly, I’ll get fat easily. No Nasi Gule more in the future. 😛 So, how’s your day friends? I hope you enjoy your day! Keep sparkling, friends!




Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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