dell streak Indonesia-what would I do if I had DELL STREAK?-

Come on, who will say NO if someone offers you the smartphone above?
I absolutely will say, “YES! YES! YES!” and jump high! Hehehe

Maybe some people will say I’m crazy or something, but I wouldn’t care.
Okay, surfing on the cyber world brought me to look at the twitter of Dell Indonesia.
From the tweet, I knew that Dell Indonesia offers the new product of Dell, the new smartphone, Dell Streak.
Then I was just curious about that. I start to search any relation with Dell Streak.

Gosh! The Dell Streak is so sophisticated. I never imagined that the smartphone would be that GREAT!
Yeah, only that word which SUITS the Dell Streak.
And it would be much more GREATER if I get the Dell Streak for free! 🙂
Hehe, and be honest, that is why I write this blog.

The most important question for now is, “what would I do if I had Dell Streak?”

I would answer this question rhetorical. What would people do if they have a new shopisticated smartphone for free?
The perfect answer is showing off to people around you! Hehehe
People would get jealous if you do that, but wanting others know that we have a great thing like Dell Streak is amazing, right?
I will attract people to get knowing more about my free Dell Streak. And maybe I will raise the sales of Dell Streak, won’t I? 😛

I will never exchange the Dell Streak with any other smartphones. The Dell Streak would be my forever smartphone.
Okay, the technology changes a lot and very dinamically. Maybe there will be more shopisticated smartphone, more fashionable, and more and more.
But my philosophy is like lover philosophy. If you love someone, do not try to betray him/her. Just like my Dell Streak, I would not betray it.
I am a loyal person. If I fall for someone or something, I will absolutely into him/it.
And for this case, I would keep my Dell Streak even though there are more smartphones which are in market.

I love touchscreen phone. So I love the Dell Streak. Within very shopisticated features in it, I would never abandon my Dell Streak.
Especially, the Dell Streak is touchscreen one. I fall for it so deep! 😀
The size is perfect, it is very comfortable to hold it on hand. The features in it, I love it all!

I will not spend the unecessary thing to repair my Dell Streak. Who doesn’t like the smartphone which need the least maintenance?
The screen is made by crystal! Oh gosh, even my earrings are not made by crystal. But who cares? I only care about the maintenance expense for my Dell.
And I think it would be a very trusted investment to having Dell Streak as smartphone. You do not need to care much about the expense.
You do not need care much about the scratch if sometimes you drop the Dell Streak accidentally. It resists from the scratch.

I love blogging. I love browsing and surfing on cyber world. That is why I need Dell Streak for the entertainment on cyber world.
Using Dell Streak will make blogging easier. I can post anything, anytime, anywhere because Dell Streak is a smartphone with great connection.

I am such a careless person. I easily forget about a thing, including direction. I had lost before because I did not know the direction. It’s very irritating.
It makes me such a fool person. With Dell Streak which has Google Maps, I think I will never get lost again. In addition, there is a GPS! Wow, that is cooler than I thought!

Though I am such a careless person, but I’m pretty smart. I love smart things. I love to feel a new experience. So I love Dell Streak.
The powerful yet efficient 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor speeding things along using Google’s Android-based OS with multi-touch Dell.
It will give me a new experience from smartphone! I hate a thing which needs a long time to load. It is very shopisticated world guys, you need a smartphone which speeds a thing.

Who doesn’t like singing? Okay, maybe some of you who don’t confident with your voice, will disagree.
Although I don’t have an amazing voice like Celine Dion, Beyonce, Charice Pempemngco, but I really love singing.
My voice sounds great if only I sing in the bathroom. Hehehe. And the Dell Streak provides me with 32 Gb memory.
I can save 42 movies (I can save my favorite Korea Music Video, Drama, etc), 32000 photos (I can take picture as many as I like. I love it! :P), 16000 songs (This is the most I liked, I can save all my favorites singers in Dell Streak).
It is really a HEAVEN of entertainment,isn’t it? Only in Dell Streak, I can please myself. It is not a sin to please yourself as long as it is not bad, right?

Is it enough I give you eight things I would do if I had Dell Streak? Hehe..
I think if I explain what I would do if I had Dell Streak will spend a day alone!

If I brief you one sentence about Dell Streak, here it is..
“Dell Streak, it completes your day!”


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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