Some people say that I’m good at writing story, some other says that I’m good at telling story.
I don’t know which one the best, but I’m happy if someone say one of those statements.
I’m just happy if I can make people smile, laugh at what I told to them. I think it’s enough for me.

Maybe I am just like my mother. She loves making people laugh, she loves making people smile about what she said.
I think she has a unique way to make people laugh. And I’m happy if I am just like her.

Not all my character is just like my mother’s, I have a quiet personality too. It’s just like my father.
He thinks a lot about a thing. He is so quiet if he’s thinking about something.
And he will not listen to others carefully if he’s thinking. It’s so me. Yeah.
I become quiet if I’m thinking, and if something bothers me, I will just sit and silent. Thinking and thinking.

Because of those two personalities, I become who I am now. Okay, it’s not exactly because only those two.

I’ve written that I want to be a writer. A writer who can move and touch the readers’ feeling. That’s what I want to be.
Now I’m 19. Next year, I’d be 20. You know, I want to create something big, something that I can be proud of.
If you know what I’m studying in college, it’s really contradictory. I’m studying business management.
I never dream to be an entrepreneur, if I want to start business, I think it would be foods, books, and fashion business.
But I don’t think it will suit me. But, we never know, don’t we?

Right, I’m studying business management, but I really fall for writing. I don’t know, but I have a passion in writing.
I have a passion in making story that people can open their eyes to see new and meaning things from it. Is it wrong? I don’t think so.

Hmm, the life still goes. Maybe, someday I can find what my passion really is. I only love writing now, who knows tomorrow I’ll love photography?
Who knows tomorrow I’ll love drawing? We never know.

That’s why, I’m just doing what I should do. Every dream has its own pay, right? Whether it costs high or not, just keep it up.
If that’s your destiny, it is in your hand. 🙂

Keep dreaming, readers! There are so many dreams that are waiting for you to make them true! You only have to stand up, step up, and in a blink of an eye, it’d be REALITY.


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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