one of my dreams

I was such a great dreamer, I love imagining many things. I just visualize it in my brain.
I like keeping my brain works for a thing that I don’t know will happen or not.

I like writing. I love to write what I imagined. I love to write all things that be true in my imagination.

That is why one of lots of my dreams is being a bestseller novel writer. Yeah, I hope someday I will write a bestseller novel.
Once, I wrote my story when I was senior high school. I was really surprised that I could finish one.
Then I tried for the second time, and my friends’ comments are positive. They liked it. I was so happy.
It motivated me to write another story.

I remember that I had read qoute: “If you’re not happy with the ending of the story, write your own!”
Yeah, because sometimes when I read novel, I just dislike the ending. And it brought me to write my own.
I ever tried to send my story to some girl’s magazine, but I never had a reply till now. But I don’t want to give up.
Later, I will write my own story, that is so me, and I will try again to send it. Cause I know, someday my story will be approved.

And why do I really want to be a good writer and write a bestseller novel?
Cause I admire some authors. My most favorite one is J.K. Rowling. Who doesn’t know her?
She’s such a talented and bright writer. She has a very unusual story to tell, she has a unique way to describe many things.
And I learned a lot from her. From her books, the series of Harry Potter, my most favorite novel.

And I love Meg Cabot, from her teen’s novel till chick’s novel. I like her way to tell the plot of the stories.
She’s such a brilliant writer who will make the readers be excited about the story. She’s like J.K. Rowling.
They could make the readers be curious about what the next will be. They are such a very good writer. I admire them.

In Indonesia, I like Karla M. Nashar, Ika Natassa, Riri Sardjono, Esti Kinasih, etc. I love what they did to their stories.
Maybe sometimes it bothers me because the ending was not clearly enough, but they could make me enjoy the time to read theirs.

I really enjoy when I read my favorite authors’ novel. That what I want when I make mine. I want people get excited when read mine.
I want people get curious about my story. That is why I still learn to make a such good story, the not-average story, but incredible one.
I hope someday I will make my own bestseller novel. Yeah, someday.


Kindly write here if you have any comment :)

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