Today is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly a very tired day!
I suddenly woke up at 5 AM because my friend gave me a missed call, then I really woke at 5.12 AM.
I took a shower, got dressed, had a breakfast with a glass of milk and bread, then I went to the college.

I attended Morning Prayer at college, and at 7.07 AM I went to my class. It was Good Corporate Governance Class.
I did not really pay attention to the lecturer, cause I was so sleepy and I got stomachache.
Then after the class at 9.05 AM, I tried to sleep a while at Student Lounge. My next class was Corporate Finance at 1 PM.
I just only slept for a couple of minutes, thanks for my friend who disturbed me.

When my next class began, I yawned more than five times in 10 minutes! I was very sleepy, and I felt so tired.
Then the lecturer gave us a task (I thought it was a kind of difficult task, cause we have not taken the Accounting class before).
Class was over, then I should finish the task, because the deadline is 10 PM tonight. At 5 PM, I had a KTB (Kelompok Tumbuh Bersama) with
my underclass sisters. Then I continued with meeting of Event Section for Management Student Orientation.
At 8 PM, I had to continue with Corporate Finance’s task. I finished it at 9 PM. Then I went home.

Really, today is such a very very very tireeeeed day! My eyes are so hard to open. I need my bedtime, I need my day off!
But now, I am writing this post while I am washing my clothes. I have not taken a shower yet. 😦
Fortunately, tomorrow I have Business Law Class at 1 PM, so I have a lot of time to take rest and lazying for some times.

Because I really need my day off! I want my whole day without task, homework, paper, or such assignment!
I want my hibernation time! Wish in the next week I have a much time to take a rest and have some private time only with my laptop,
my books, and my room. I just feel I have an uncontrolled life. Oh God, please strengthen me. I really need some power.
I really need You.

For all of you who are really tired because of your routinity, be patient, there will be a time for you to take some private time.
To refresh your life, your soul. Be patient. So be I.


2 thoughts on “TIRED DAY!

  1. I 100% agree with you..
    It’s a really long weekend..
    I want to watch movie and have no time to do that.. *sigh*

    even this WEEKEND I have no leisure time, S.O.S!!

    But yupp, I’ll be patient till my turn come..
    Shall we? (^_^)

    God bless us..

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