re-post : MURMURING

I don’t know how many times I convince myself that I should be strong

I forget when the last time I said myself got to be tough

One of my friend told me that I was tough mentally, but physically was not

I do things that I SHOULD do, not I WANT to do

It maybe cause what I feel now

I feel so tired, I feel that all I do is routinized

I suddenly feel insecure about my life

Sounds not great, I admit it does

Doing those busy-and-took-so-much-time things every single day

When I got my day off, it suddenly turned out to be the other busy day

There is always a reason to keep me busy

I know I feel tired, I know that I really need my day off so bad

But keeping me busy, it makes me sane

It is keeping me at a distance from the loneliness

I realized that my weary is not no use

Thank God, I still have a reason to smile, a reason to thanking, and a reason to know that I still be blessed by Him

For all of you out there who feel the same thing like me, just want you to know that there must be a reason why you feel so tired, so worn out

Relax, I feel the same, I know how you suffer from those busy things

You only have to stand up, look around, deep breathe, and smile…

then you will find yourself be free like the air you feel

Just hang on, I try the same..

I will keep try to settle those things until the finish line




2 thoughts on “re-post : MURMURING

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  2. hi there! thanks a lot for blogwalking mine..
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